Mapping Action Pack for MindManager

MAP Ribbon

MAP for MindManager is an ever growing collection of tools and utilities that extend Mindjet’s MindManager mapping software and enables you to be more productive and expand the scenarios where MindManager can be applied in both business and personal use.

Regularly updated with new functionality, MAP for MindManager provides an ever expanding collection of useful and innovative tools that will help you use MindManager in ways that are either not normally possible or more effective than traditional methods.

The MAP for MindManager ribbon menu can be configured to only display those tools you use most often leading to faster workflow and quicker mapping.

There is also a Task Pane menu providing access to every tool in the collection, so you are never more than two mouse clicks away from any function.


What can the MAP do? All commands and functions are described in detail in the MAP Help, and there are just a few examples below.

YouTube Video Topic

Create Maps that enable learning and enhance the presentation of Mapped information with MindManager and the MAP YouTube Video Topic function.

The YouTube Video Topic function enables you to create Map Topics that contain embedded urls to YouTube Videos that can be viewed in a dedicated Taskpane within MindManager. The Taskpane is split into two windows that enable a YouTube video to be displayed/played in the top window and additional content in the form of Topic Text Notes or URL to another web page to be displayed in a second window below the video.

YouTube Video Topic

Image Export

Image Export enables you to utilize the Slides feature of MindManager to generate images of Map Topics so you can use them in other applications or for uploading to the Web etc.

You can also jump-start Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations by quickly creating a sequence of Map/Topic images that you can then add further content around.

The Image Export command is located in the Exports group. The command is a split button where the top section allows you to send images to a specified folder for use with other applications and the bottom section provides access to the Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint exports.

MAP Favourites

The MAP Favourites command is a Navigation command and offers MAP users access to the two largest online Map libraries available today, Mindjet’s Maps for That and Biggerplate, directly from MindManager. It also enables you to add up to five personal favourite.’s of their own choice.

MAP Favourites is great for accessing the Map libraries within MindManager as well as providing access to files or applications that you are currently accessing regularly while using MindManager, saving you from leaving the application.

Map Snap

The Map Snap capability enables you to create copies, (“snaps”), of your working Map. Snaps can either be created on demand or automatically in set time spans. This enables you to quickly backup your Maps as you work or create a sequence of your Maps state as you work. This can be useful when Brainstorming with a group so you create snaps that show how the Map evolved.
Map Snap will also create a hi-res image of the Map which can be stored to the Clipboard and pasted into another application quickly.

Excel Properties

Excel Properties brings the ability to create Topic Properties whose values are fed from a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. The function enables values to be retrieved from Excel as well as allowing values to be changed in the Map and then refreshed back to the source spreadsheet on demand.

Excel Properties